BXJ型闭式下击器 0207001澳门威尼斯网址
BXJ型闭式下击器的事情腔外布满了耐磨液压油,带光滑事情,使用寿命生长,事情路程生长,震击力大,视野具体情况,用于各类场合的下击解卡。 2222.com
Lubricated Fishing Bumper Sub Type BXJ
 The working chamber of Model “BXJ” Lubricated Fishing Bumper Sub should be filled with  wearable hydraulic oil, acting  the lubrication as to prolong the service life. It has a long stroke and large jarring force. According to specific instance, the releasing stuck of down-jarring  should be different on various occasions. 威尼斯人赌城

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